We received new photos from Germany of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Google in the age of 6 months.

Thanks Elke!



Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Favorit on his first hunting:

More pictures ::HERE::



We received new photos of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Galaxis >>>



We participated in working trial Nagyatád with Marosmenti-Rudifogó Heni 'Mili', and her results:

  • wild boar 100p I.prize CACT
  • fox 75p II.prize
  • waterwork 32p (max.)

By these results Mili fulfilled the request of Hungarian Working Champion!



New photos of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Favorit!

More >>>



We received new pictures of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Ginseng:

More photos::HERE::



Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Barka participated in the national dog show Mátészalka, and her results:exc.1, CAC, it fulfilled the Hungarian Champion title! Congratulations and many more success in the future!



We participated on international dog show CACIB Bačka Topola (SRB), where Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Borcsa achieved excellent results: exc 1., CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG II. Judje: Istvan Nagy (SRB)

And 1 week later in CAC Kiskunfélegyháza: exc 1., CAC. Judje: Zsuzsanna Váczi-Balogh

By these titles Borcsa fulfilled the requests of Serbian Champion, Hungarian Champion and Interchampion! We're very proud on her!


We're adding new pictures from new homes of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Google, Gerbera and Galaxis on our page. Thanks a lot to their owners for sending us pictures!



Successful blood tracking with Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Anna. Congrats!


Available puppies!


  • We received new photos of our C litter puppies, for more pictures click on the names!

::Cenk :: Centi :: Cirbolya :: Cirok :: Cuki::


  • And we received the Hungarian and Interchampion certificate of Marosmenti-Rudifogó Carla 'Jade'!


  • New photos of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Gofri! Click on the picture!


  • Apfel von Altenwalde - Frodo's daughter - attended national dog show in Pápa and gained ..excellent 1, Junior winner! Congratulations! Judge: Jan Busta (CZ)



New pictures of our almost 6 weeks old puppies! >>>


  • We added new pictures to the Hunting 2011 gallery. For more photos click on the pic.


  • Our dogs were on eye examination, the results are on their individual sides!



The puppies are growing so fast, new photos from their age of 5,5th week! ::F litter:: ::G litter::



New show results of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Barka:

Komárom CACIB - exc.1,CAC; Kaposvár CAC - exc.1,CAC; Szigetvár CAC - exc.2, resCAC

Judges:Sándor Szabó, Josip Sabo (HR)



NEW pictures of our puppies! Click on the photos!



Székesheférvár 2x CACIB - Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Barka results: 2x CAC, 2x resCACIB. Congratulations for the owners!

Judges:Viera Staviaraska (SK), Gábor Korózs



We participated at national dog show in Szeged, our results:

Frodo - Exc 1, CAC and Borcsa Exc 1, CAC, BOB

Judge: Sándor Szabó



We have puppies!

More information ::HERE::!


Srbobran CAC (SRB) - Frodo v.d. Josephina's Hoeve - CAC, Serbian Champion



Katymar wild boar trial (07.05.) results:

  • Frodo v.d. Josephina's Hoeve 100p CACT I.prize and I. place
  • Marosmenti-Rudifogó Heni MILI 100p CACT I. prize és III. place
  • Marosmenti-Rudifogó Herkules 100p CACT I.prize



We added new pictures of our Queen Teddy, Olijfje and Iri. You can view them in their gallery.



Frodo's puppies were born in kennel Marosmenti-Rudifogó!

More information >>>


  • Sárvár blood tracking trial: Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Borcsa - 100p 1. prize CACT
  • New pictures of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Ciróka 'Perec'



Kanizsa CACIB (SRB) - Marosmenti-Rudifogó Carla 'Jade' CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG II.

Judge: István Nagy (SRB)

Completed the title INTERCHAMPION!!



We're planning litters! More information ::HERE::



New photos!

Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Eposz


Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Ego


Olijfje on her first hunting


Frodo's puppies - more pictures ::HERE::



New picures of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Dulszi. Her individual page ::HERE::

...and Ego 'Aladar' in new home:

Thank you for the owners!



New photos of Frodo's puppies ::HERE::



New pictures!


We received new photos of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Dió and Energia 'Tücsi'. Thanks for the owners!



New pictures of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Ciróka 'Perec' ::HERE::


And NEW hunting photos! ::Hunting 2006:: ::Hunting2011::



New Gallery - Iri Teckel Cod ::HERE::


  • Frodo and Idesüss Áprilka's puppies were born at the and of December! More pictures ::HERE::


  • We received new photos of Deréce, she was hunting, thanks Maggi! ::Gallery::


  • We visited Dongó-Dodó, so it also made some photo. Can be viewed ::HERE::


  • And our puppies 9 weeks old:

More information ::HERE::