• Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Husniya 'Niya' 7 months old- she became a Field Champion!!! Big congratulations to Sherry and thank you for the work with her! We're very proud of Niya!!!


  • Senta CAC - Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Yaffit-exc.1,PRM-she's Serbian Junior Champion! Iri Teckel Cod- exc.1,CAC judge: Paróci Pál (SRB)


  • New photos of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Galaxis:


  • New picture of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Idill, she lives in California. Thank you!


  • Show results:

09.09. Székesfehárvár CACIB - Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Extra-exc.1,CAC,res.CACIB judge: Otto Krcal (A)

16.09. Bačka Palanka CAC - Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Yaffit-K1,PRM and Queen Teddy v.d. Josephina's Hoeve-K1,CAC judge: Željka Fon Zidar (SLO)

22.09. Szolnok CAC - Queen Teddy v.d. Josephina's Hoeve-exc.1,CAC judge: Szabó Sándor (HU)

23.09. Bačka Topola CACIB - Queen Teddy v.d. Josephina's Hoeve-exc.1,CAC,CACIB and Frodo v.d. Josephina's Hoeve-K1,CAC,res.CACIB judge: Siniša Sančanin (SRB)


  • 29.09. Nagymáté blood track trial: Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Extra 100p CACT. II. place


  • Field Trials(USA) - Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Husniya results: first and 3rd place in Open Bitch class! Congratulations!



We spent a great day on Nagyatád. Our dachshunds achieved good results! Congratulations for the owners!

  • Marosmenti-Rudifogó Heni - fox 100p CACT 1st place
  • Queen Teddy v.d. Josephina's Hoeve - fox 100p CACT 2nd place
  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Félálom - fox 100p CACT 3rd place
  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Gránit - fox 100p CACT
  • Frodo v.d. Josephina's Hoeve - wildboar 100p CACT 1st place


  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Husniya finished her puppy obedience class and moved up to Novice obedience. She took her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test and passed easily. Congratulations!


  • We added new pictures of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Gránit. >>>


  • Our H-puppies are 6 months old!



'I' and 'J' litters are 7 weeks old!

More pictures ::HERE:: and ::HERE::



Congratulations to Sherry and Niya on passing UBT-I blood tracking evaluation! The line was 400 yard and 2.3 hours old, Niya's performance was flawless! She's only five months old, we're very proud of her!

John Jeanneney, a UBT judge, and Sherry with Niya


Niya at the end of the track

More details: http://borntotracknews.blogspot.hu/2012/08/niya-young-wirehaired-dachshund-from.html

Thank you Jolanta for the great photos!


We added new pictures of our 5 weeks old puppies! ::I litter:: ::J litter::



New pictures of our 2 weeks old puppies! ::I litter:: ::J litter::



We have puppies!!! ::I litter:: ::J litter::


  • New pictures from New Jersey of sweet Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Husniya ::HERE::


  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Henna has arrived safe and sound to his new home in Sweden. We wish her a long and happy life!


  • Šabac CACIB (SRB) international dogshow results: Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Grafit - exc.1, PRM-Junior Winner!


  • Kula CAC (SRB) national dogshow results: Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Grafit - exc.1, PRM-Junior Winner. Judge: Lazić Štefica (SRB)




Beautiful picture from Netherlands of Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Hollandia 'Holly', thanks Mariska and Adri!



Gyula CAC - national dogshow results: Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Favorit - exc.1, HPJ-Junior Winner. Judge: Tamás Jakkel

We received new pictures some of our puppies, thank you!

  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Gróf >>>
  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Google >>>
  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Foton >>>
  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Félálom >>>
  • Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Fontos >>>



New pictures of Borcsa's puppies >>>



Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Ginseng "Lili" today succesfully passed the basic obedience exam (K99 E/1), congratulations and thank you for Kriszti Polacsek, good job!



Our sweeties are every day bigger and more naughty, we added new puppy photos in the age of 3 and 6 weeks.



New pictures of our "H" puppies! >>>



We have beautiful puppies! More details: PUPPIES



We received new photos from our F-litter puppies, thank you for the owners!



Click on the photos!



Great news from Lithuania: Tüsöksori-Ugrasztó Cirok 'Dolphy' Lithuanian Champion, congratulations!!! And thank you for the pictures!